Overview of the Universal Server Umbrella Project

Organisation:Copyright (C) 2019-2020 Olivier Boudeville
Contact:about (dash) universal-server (at) esperide (dot) com
Creation date:Saturday, May 2, 2020
Lastly updated:Friday, March 12, 2021
Status:Work in progress
Dedication:Users and maintainers of the Universal Server projects.
Abstract:This umbrella overview presents the Universal Server project, which aims to offer a software ecosystem allowing various computer-aided services (ex: monitoring, control, communication, interaction) to be implemented, through dedicated servers and interfaces (ex: web, SMS, sensors).


This mostly empty overview serves only as an entry point to the various parts of the US framework.

From the highest level to the lowest, the software stack involved in the Universal Server is the following:

More precisely this stack entails:

The repository for this entry point is located here.

Ending Word

Have fun with the Universal Server!